Selenium Project Lead & Creator of WebDriver.

Simon Stewart is the creator of WebDriver, the open source web application testing tool, as well as as well as the lead of the Selenium Project. WebDriver remains a hot topic as it is currently going through a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) specification process, which Simon is a co-editor of.

At ThoughtWorks, Simon invented WebDriver.

At Google, he became the lead of the Selenium project and built the infrastructure required to run millions of browser-based tests every day.
At Facebook, Simon advocated for a monorepo, setup the mobile end-to-end testing frameworks, and lead the Buck build tool team, all of which helped slash the time from code to release.

He has been active in the world of Open Source since the turn of the millennium, has been described as "undeniably hairy", and holds a BSc in computer science from Nottingham University.

Simon is currently a Principal Engineer at Deliveroo.

You can follow him on Twitter and here